How Online Business Directories Came Into Existence?

To find anything online today, you just need to type a query in the search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing and you will get millions of results in a second. You ever wonder how it started all. In early 90’s Yahoo started as business listing, organized in a hierarchy.

From there onwards search engine keep on releasing updates to improve the user experience. What you see today, a fantastic search engine, once it was just a business listing. Now the whole concept has changed as search engines have improved a lot and become more user-friendly. On other hands, an online business directory is well separated from today’s search engine.


business directory

An online business directory is a website that lists the business within the niche-based categories. Why online business directory came into existence is because online directories are more user-friendly than the printed business directory. Moreover, most of the online Australian business directory offers a free listing for any business.


printed business directory

If you talk to your parent and ask them how they find things in their time. They will tell you about heavy, printed business directories. One Of the most famous printed business directories of that time was “Yellow Pages”.  But as the time changes, technological development reached to every household, people start looking for information on the internet.


Why directories get online?

The reason for this transition is online directories which are easy to use. Business is listed on the basis of categories and you can search any business by name, location or service. Nowadays more and more business submitting their business online in the business directory. You can also register your business at


online directory

Now you do not have to go through heavy, printed directories to find a contact information of service provider. Business directory has enormous benefits for both businesses and users.  You can click here to know more about business directories.